Worshipping Ellen White

Adventist Christmas

Adventist desperation on Usenet

Religion under attack in America


Infant baptism

The day and hour

Anna Bacchiocchi

This post has been deleted

The South African Great Disappointment

From sunset to sunset

Remember the Sabbath day

Protesting Adventist singers

Counting the 10 Commandments

Whore of Babylon

Spurgeon: the faith that saves is not alone

Who changed the Sabbath: Adventist misquoting

Adventist Church: "Bible not true"

Missing Sunday Mass a sin?

Pope Sylvester I - who changed the Sabbath?

Pope John Paul I to Pinocchio

And no man hath ascended up to heaven

Isaiah 66 - from one sabbath to another

The Clear Word Bible

Dignitatis Felidae - an upcoming papal encyclical

MegaShift or Jack Chick?

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